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Head of Supply

Job description

Join Brenger as a Head of Supply

Join Brenger on our mission to optimally use every van on the road! Because that makes everyone happy: the courier, the environment and our customer. Win-win-win!

As Head of Supply at Brenger, you will play a key role in shaping the courier side of our platform. You will ensure Brenger becomes a preferred partner for courier companies to work with, by bringing our products and policies for couriers to the next level, as well as our internal organization. Your logistics expertise will directly contribute to Brenger's growth and success! Apply now, to work together on our beautiful mission! 👇

About Brenger 

Brenger is a scale-up based in Amsterdam, founded in October 2016 by Wisse and Derk. Our transport platform simplifies the process of transporting large items such as bikes, cupboards, and sofas. By utilizing the empty space in vans already on the road, Brenger aims "to fill every courier van on the road." This mission creates a triple win: making large item transport easy and affordable, providing additional income for our couriers, and reducing CO2 emissions by minimizing kilometers driven. Since our inception, we have eliminated more than 14,885,871 unnecessary kilometers, saving 3,187 tonnes of CO2 [last update: impact report 2022].

Since our launch in 2016, we have grown considerably. Brenger started in the Netherlands, recently also became active in Belgium and Germany, and we are about to scale up even further. There are some exciting years ahead in which we want to grow substantially and professionalize further to cope with this growth. In short: an ambitious team with big plans to roll out Brenger throughout Europe!

What will you do?

As Head of Supply, and a member of our Management Team, you will be responsible for the “courier side” of the Brenger platform. You will:

  • Work together with our COO to reshape and implement Brenger’s overall supply strategy, focusing on:
    - Courier satisfaction, engagement & communication
    - Courier acquisition, retention & account management
    - Courier operations & support
    - Courier performance

  • Work together with our Customer Solutions team to implement operational and support policies for couriers.

  • Work together with our Product Development team to develop Brenger’s product offering for couriers.

In your first 100 days, you will redefine our supply and courier operations strategy, leveraging your industry expertise. This includes:

  • Envisioning a scalable “way of working together” with courier companies.

  • Analysing and reviewing courier companies to prioritize potential collaborations.

  • Conducting interviews with courier companies to understand the benefits and frustrations of working with Brenger.

  • Envisioning a scalable internal organizational setup for courier acquisition, retention, account management and performance management.

  • Creating an improvement plan for courier operations and support.

  • Providing high-level advice for product development.

After 12 months, the strategy should be implemented in Brenger policies, operations, and organization, with product developments on the roadmap (partly finished).

Your KPIs for Success:

  1. Courier Liquidity KPIs: Average Transport Job claim percentage, Avg. Transport Job claim time, Utilization rate.

  2. Courier Supply KPIs: Active couriers, Onboarded couriers, Churned couriers.

  3. Courier Quality KPIs: Cancellations, Transport Job claim rate, Punctuality, Review scores.

  4. Courier Satisfaction KPIs: Courier NPS.


  • Courier Supply Management (30%)

Focus on the acquisition, retention and activity of courier companies. This includes creating and executing strategies for recruiting & onboarding courier companies, keeping couriers active & engaged, and making sure we are continuously in touch and engaging with the couriers on our platform.

  • Courier Operations and Performance (30%)

Develop and refine the overall operational strategy for the courier side of our platform. This involves closely working with the operations team to formulate and implement policies, as well as the organizational structure to execute them. This also includes refining Brenger’s courier performance program to monitor and improve courier quality, e.g. regarding punctuality, service quality, and customer satisfaction.

  • Product development (20%)

Focus on the development of the Brenger platform for couriers. This involves closely working with the product team to ensure that the needs of couriers are met and their feedback is integrated into the platform’s features.

  • Strategic Planning and Reporting (20%)

Clear explanation: Engage in strategic planning and high-level analysis to support Brenger’s (organizational) growth and international expansion. This includes preparing detailed reports, providing strategic insights to the leadership team, and participating in decision-making processes that guide the company’s future direction.

The people you will work with most:

Career development

As Brenger continues to grow and expand into new countries, this role offers significant opportunities for career advancement. You will have the chance to shape and lead the courier team, drive international expansion, playing a pivotal role in Brenger's success and evolution.

Job requirements

Must have:

  • A minimum of 8 years working experience.

  • Strong industry expertise in courier logistics, fleet management, and Transport Management Systems.

  • Strong analytical skills, comfortable with handling large amounts of data and leveraging this data to draw solid conclusions.

  • Strong reporting and management skills..

  • Experience with building and managing operational teams.

  • Broad, general business sense.

Nice to have:

  • Experience with product development cycles / tech companies.

  • Profound understanding of platform model dynamics vs. traditional logistics, as well as associated regulations.

  • Previous experience working at a Transport Management System company.

  • You are a fan of our sustainable business model.

We offer:

  • A competitive salary that matches your experience, along with Stock Appreciation Rights (SARs).

  • 25 holidays per year and you are free on your birthday.

  • A one-year contract for 32 to 40 hours a week.

  • An office in the heart of Amsterdam next to the Vondelpark.

  • Daily vegetarian lunch, snacks and fruit.

  • Bikeplan with Lease a Bike.

  • A young and close-knit team with fun (team) events.

  • Work experience in a dynamic start-up with many development opportunities.


Click on "apply" and send us your CV (or Linkedin profile) and answer a few questions. If we see a match, we will contact you to schedule an interview and meet the team in person. Still have a question? Send an email to

Recruitment process 

Step 1: intro-call with Liza and Julie (People & Culture).

Step 2: assessment to test your analytical skills.

Step 3: interview 1 with Tjeerd (COO) and Liza (People & Culture).
Step 4: interview 2, including a case with Tjeerd (COO), and one of our Founders (Derk or Wisse).
Step 5: when we are both satisfied with the interviews, we hope you will join our team as soon as possible.

We look forward to meeting you! 🚀

Feeling unsure if you meet all the requirements? No worries! Research shows that individuals from underrepresented groups sometimes hesitate to apply if they don't meet every criteria. But guess what? We don't fit perfectly into boxes either. Our company is all about equal opportunities and embracing diversity in the workplace. So, even if you don't see yourself perfectly fitting into our current team, we encourage you to apply.